26. August 2008 · Comments Off on Thank you, Mr. Sawicki · Categories: Books, Oboe, Ramble

One of my oboes — the one I use most frequently — wasn’t functioning properly this morning. I’m not sure if I turned a screw, or if it was just something that moved on its own (yes, they do that sometimes), but something was awry.

Thank goodness for Carl Sawicki’s A Method for Adjusting the Oboe and English Horn. I carefully went through things, step by step.

All’s well. Whew!

Sadly, I don’t see the book in print, or I’d make it a requirement for all university students to purchase it. Really.

Immediate update!
Well, Van Cott Information Services lists it as available. I sure hope this is correct … I’ll email them to verify. (And UCSC students, be ready to purchase this!)

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