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I’ve written about this before, and I’m sure I’ll write about it again. But my readership is small, and I guess I’ve never gotten emusic to pay attention. But maybe she will.

This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened to me (or you I’m sure). Music sites that tell you Beethoven is the performer, that “Allegro” is the name of the piece, that the piano soloist might be the Berlin Philharmonic. I find these experiences endlessly frustrating. I don’t understand how something so simple has to be so hard to figure out. (I take that back. I do understand. Believe me, I really, really do. But it still makes me crazy.)

I know the idea of the composer (or songwriter) and the performer being two separate but equally important people is complex for those outside the music world. And the idea that a soloist, conductor, or orchestra might all be equally important makes things a little more complicated than most folks can handle.

But hello, music services! These are essential elements to dealing with this music. You’re dissing entire genres here. Any service that bothers to offer music without taking these elements into account is a joke. Sorry dudes. I know it’s not easy doing what you do and that some music is weird. And you’ve probably figured out how to make millions off your service without giving a second thought to their metadata. But yeah, you make me sad.

Yep. I’m sad too. And frustrated.

I’ve offered my assistance to both emusic via this site. Neither have taken me up on this. Surprise, surprise.

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