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I can brag when I want. I don’t brag about myself; that just comes back to haunt me and I hate when that happens. But I can brag about my kids, right? So today I’m just gonna put up the link to my daughter’s and son-in-law’s (I prefer to just call him my son, because he’s just one great guy) slideshow from their wedding.

Does this (GO! Really … check it out!) just make you smile?

And maybe even cry a little? It does me, anyway.

The photographer, Katy Regnier, is one fabulous photographer, in case you are looking for a wedding photographer sometime in your future. 🙂

(And yes, I’m home from our third rehearsal. It was reed #3 this time. A different reed each opera, or more than one per. I can’t keep this up!

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Or is it?

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Back home, the veteran opera singer recounted the rigors of performing in the Olavinlinna Castle, a 15th-century fortress.

“You can imagine my surprise when I was shown how I was to make my first entrance to the stage. I had to climb up a very high ladder in the back of the castle – maybe 15 feet high – and then crawl through one of those cannon holes, usually in pouring rain, barely big enough to fit through. And then once in this small rough room, I had to climb another very steep and high ladder to another room, and then make my way down a cave-like passageway to the stage,” Stearns said.

“My exit after the first act was all this in reverse,” he said, recalling one performance in the rain when a sea gull flew onstage to greet him at his entrance. Stearns said he accomplished this backstage feat grateful that he “was in pretty good shape to be able to deal with this obstacle course while wearing a big, heavy leather costume, high boots and cape.”

I read this here.

There are times I’m quite thankful to be “just” an oboist! 🙂

I’m guessing I’ll want this, even though it appears that she is teaching the short scrape. Still, it would be fun to have, and she does include Martin Schuring and I’d like to see what that part is about.

I don’t know, though, what the video costs. So we’ll see. If it’s like a Tiger Oboe maybe not.

The YouTube video did start off in a way that made me “chuckle” though. (I’m using your word, Cooper! Did you chuckle too?) It just seems a wee bit … I dunno … I guess it was just something about “The world of the oboe reed.” It made me chuckle. Or something.

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I’ve discovered that practising sitting down – something I’ve been somewhat against in the past as it seemed like laziness – is actually really helpful for orchestral stuff. It helps me picture myself in the actual woodwind section, surrounded by my friends, and the bits I’m playing become more like orchestral solos, and not random chunks of music with no association. It also helps my perspective.

This is not an oboe player. (DUH!) Guess the instrument. (I think it’s easy.)