29. August 2008 · 3 comments · Categories: BQOD

I’ve discovered that practising sitting down – something I’ve been somewhat against in the past as it seemed like laziness – is actually really helpful for orchestral stuff. It helps me picture myself in the actual woodwind section, surrounded by my friends, and the bits I’m playing become more like orchestral solos, and not random chunks of music with no association. It also helps my perspective.

This is not an oboe player. (DUH!) Guess the instrument. (I think it’s easy.)


  1. Wow, Patty it has been so long since I’ve been able to log onto your site! Hopefully this will continue to work (I asked for a new password from WordPress, which has not worked in the past – weird)

    Anyway, I have no idea which instrument, sounds very pompous to me. I’d guess violin if it wasn’t a woodwinds, so I guess maybe flute? None of the flute players I work with sound like that though… maybe I’m missing something obvious?

  2. I’m just referring to the standing up when practicing bit is all.

    And yeah … you got the instrument.

    I realize some other woodwinds occasionally stand up, but I’ve never seen a flutist SIT!

    Sorry you haven’t been able to leave comments. My husband thinks it’s a firewall issue at your end (or he used to suggest that), but who knows? It’s a pain, though, when you can comment if you want to. I just figured you weren’t reading my rambles any more.

  3. PS I can always change your password for you. I can’t see what you are using currently (which is a good idea, yes?), but I can change them. Seems odd to me that I can do that, but there you go.