I’m guessing I’ll want this, even though it appears that she is teaching the short scrape. Still, it would be fun to have, and she does include Martin Schuring and I’d like to see what that part is about.

I don’t know, though, what the video costs. So we’ll see. If it’s like a Tiger Oboe maybe not.

The YouTube video did start off in a way that made me “chuckle” though. (I’m using your word, Cooper! Did you chuckle too?) It just seems a wee bit … I dunno … I guess it was just something about “The world of the oboe reed.” It made me chuckle. Or something.

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  1. Indeed! How bizarre! If I were to make a reed movie, I wouldn’t talk like my 80-year old grandma, or use terms like “the realm of the oboe reed”.