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I’m on facebook, but I gotta tell you, I don’t fully “get” it.

For one thing, the whole “friend” thing is odd. People I don’t know ask to be my friend. So I puzzle over the word “friend” a lot. And it’s now a verb. We “friend” people. Or we don’t. But we don’t reject anyone. We simply click “ignore”. Whew. (I’ve only “friended” one person, I think; it’s partially because I don’t want to put someone on the spot, forcing them to either become a friend when they don’t want to, or ignore me, which might hurt. Or not.) I accept anyone as a friend, because I don’t like to ignore people. Ignoring people seems sort of rude. Even if it’s some random person who smiles and says “hi” while I walk down a street. Right? But not many FacebookFolk™ ask to be my friend. Which is okay too. Since I don’t get facebook. Except that I’m not winning any facebook friend contest with my low numbers. I’m not at all like this guy:

But at least I’m far too old to ever have a facebook stalker. Or maybe that’s not good … maybe it would be flattering to have a facebook stalker. If he or she lived far, far away, that is.

Okay. Being silly here. Wasting time. When I could be checking facebook to see what everyone is up to.

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Amazon.com has a bunch of free MP3s for you. A ton. 3,212 songs, in fact. The categories are these:

  • Bestselling
  • Song Title: A to Z
  • Song Title: Z to A
  • Artist: A to Z
  • Artist: Z to A
  • Album: A to Z
  • Album: Z to A
  • Time: Short to Long
  • Time: Long to Short
  • Price: Low to High
  • Price: High to Low

I’m not sure what to choose. What I really wanted to see was something about “Music Taste: Good to Bad” and “Music Taste: Bad to Good” … but they don’t have that.


But anyway, not sure anyone is interested in this, but figured I’d mention it. And yes, they have some classical music. I see Mozart listed, for one. Not everything is free, but there are a good number here. (I know nothing about the recording, though.)

Yes, I’ve taken advantage now. I downloaded a few piano works I didn’t own already. I’ll continue to search ….

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We musicians aren’t in this business to make money. There isn’t very much to speak of, and the government gets most of that. Nor are we in it for personal fame (there isn’t much of that, either), or ego gratification (ditto). In fact, taken at face value, it’s a lousy deal all the way around.

Then why?

Because it’s fun, that’s why. To be sure, some folks burn out and lose that excitement and visceral joy that brought them into music in the first place. But a lot of people don’t; in fact, they just glow all the brighter with time and achievement, continually psyched about the music they’re making, whether through composing, playing, teaching, or communicating.

-Scott Fogelberg (found here)