31. August 2008 · 6 comments · Categories: BQOD

People often tell me, “the appreciation of classical music is a definite sign that you’re getting old”, but why should that be the case? Am I doomed to middle-age at the not so tender age of 21, with senility looming by 30? Some who know me personally may respond with a resounding “yes”, but despite that, some people question why I like “classical music”.


  1. ceciliadlibitum

    “the appreciation of classical music is a definite sign that you’re getting old”

    Oh gosh, help! I’m gonna die soon. I’m only 20 and have been listening to nothing but classical music since I was 12.

  2. Guess this is it for you. So sad. So short a life. But at least you had classical music to accompany it. 😉

  3. “A sign that you are getting old?” Is there someone who ISN’T getting old? 😉

  4. Well hmmm … that comment right above this one (11:35) was NOT made by me! That was made by my husband. Pretending to be me, I guess. (No, he doesn’t wear my clothes, play my instruments or even make my reeds. I’m glad about the clothes and instrument bits, but if he chose to make my reeds I’d be fine with that.)

  5. Wait, this is amazing…let’s go through it:

    like classical = getting old
    therefore, start listening to (not classical) = not getting old

    so it sounds like if we all just “appreciate” polka, or gospel, or show tunes or…well, anything that isn’t “classical” we’ll live forever, is that it? Because I certainly appreciate non-classical music all over the place.

    Who knew it was so easy? Now I feel sorry for that Ponce de Leon dude – if he’d only knowed…

  6. Wow. Now that is helpful, Tim. I’m going to dump all my classical stuff and hang on to the pop and musical theatre music. Alas, I have no polkas though. I hope that doesn’t matter.