Oh, my pitiful state!

-Eugene Onegin

Really. I am saying the same thing right this very minute. Well … or a minute before I started typing this.

Okay. Back. To. Reeds.

01. September 2008 · Comments Off on Interesting Article on Beta Blockers · Categories: Ramble

Check it out.

Final sentences:

If Barack Obama decides to take a beta blocker before his big stadium speech at the Democratic Convention next week, I doubt his audience will feel cheated. And if my neurosurgeon were to use beta blockers before performing a delicate operation on my spine, I am certain that I would feel grateful.

Yes indeed. I say to a surgeon … take the beta blocker. Please. 🙂

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Because every opera goer wears gloves. Right? Available in gray, black and a “fresh mint” (looks like a light turquoise to me).

I saw them here.

I wonder if I could play oboe while wearing them.

Maybe this is something to fall back on if my reeds don’t improve.

HalfTime Basketball Creighton University Omaha Neb – Watch more free videos

(Does the crowd look puzzled to you?)

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The “Dirty Guy” (well, that’s what I think of him as anyway) used to sing opera.

I’m talkin’ about that man who does the Dirty Jobs show (which I’ve never watched, actually; I like things clean!):

In his cleaner days, Rowe sang professionally with The Baltimore Opera, sold more than $100 million of fake diamonds on the midnight shift at QVC and appeared in several dozen Tylenol commercials. He also spent three years as the host of Evening Magazine for CBS in San Francisco.

Who knew? And isn’t this just news you can use?

I read it here

Last night, a group of us went to an outdoor symphony concert and I’ve gotta say – the crowd was so classy and healthy looking! I kept checking everyone out…young or old, male or female, these concert attendees were sharp! It cemented my belief that somehow classical music does move me towards wellness.