So one reed I worked on yesterday and today is really working well. Or it worked well today. Of course who knows how long it will last? I played it for the first act of Onegin tonight, and then played two others for the next two acts. The thing is … if you don’t play on a reed it may change while it sits in the reed box. If you do play a reed it may change because you are playing on it. Some get better as you play on them, some get worse.

You can see the win-win situation I’m in, right?

But in any case, tomorrow I’ll continue to work on reeds. And the next day. And the next. And then next. And then next. And then next.

Yeah. Like that.


  1. at least the reeds you are working on only need to work in CA. i am making my reeds in CA, but they must work in FL!

  2. My reeds were really good when I was on a clarinet course in Spain, but unfortunately I live in Belgium. Sigh.

    I guess that’s the curse of every reed player.