(Well, silently anyway. I think a lot of white people mean that even if they type “lol” or “rofl” … we really just laugh on the inside.)

There are a number of industries that survive solely upon white guilt: Penguin Classics, the SPCA, free range chicken farms, and the entire rubber bracelet market. Yet all of these pale in comparison to classical music, which has used white guilt to exist for over a century beyond its relevance.

Though white people do not actually listen to classical music, they like to believe that they are the type of people who would enjoy it. You can witness this first hand by going to any classical performance at your local symphony where you will see literally dozens of white couples who have paid upwards of $80 for the right to dress up and sit in a chair for hours reading every word in the program.

This is from Stuff White People Like and if you don’t “get” that site you can just skip reading the whole blog entry. But if you found yourself “rofl” from reading the above, or if you even let out a little chuckle, you might go read the rest. Because it really is pretty funny. At least to this white girl who enjoys being made fun of. 😉


  1. Stuff White People Like is a hilarious site.

    A few years ago, I coined “llol” for “literally laugh out loud” to distinguish it from “lol” which as you point out, rarely means actually laughing out loud. Then I found out I didn’t invent it after all. 🙂


  2. Hah!

    Of course the big question is, “Do people take “literally” literally?”

    I remember hearing a radio newscaster saying, “They are literally [referring to the Caldecott tunnel after a horrible accident] going over it with a fine-toothed comb.”

    I “llol”. Honest.

  3. Yeah, I love how people use “literally” to mean “figuratively” or “not literally”.

    But if you must know, I did take the convention to lllol and llllol, if you must know.

    I also started using l:-) as well.

  4. lol: amused smile
    lmao: eithr I laugh/scoffed or there were several things which were funny.
    rofl: Darn you! Now everyone in the house knows I’m not doing homework!