… no, not about my OBOE, mind you. I’m going to work on that in a minute.

But you can go here to vote on your favorite gown at the opening gala for the San Francisco Symphony. When looking it dawned on me: I don’t like gowns!

Heck, even the word “gown” is ugly to these ears.

Well there you go. I guess I can’t vote. It would be like voting on your favorite kind of tomato when you don’t like tomatoes, yes? (By the way, I don’t like tomatoes.)

When I was looking for something to wear as the MOB (mother of the bride) I saw so many dresses and nothing appealed. Some were matronly. Some looked as if I might be competing with the bride for attention. Some were just plain ugly. And all were very expensive. I guess long dresses don’t appeal to me.

Unrelated note and special offer to all because I’m so nice this way:
If anyone wants to come to my house and fix my oboe for me, feel free. If anyone wants to send me a working oboe. Feel free. If anyone wants to send chocolate instead, well, I’ll take it. Along with an oboe.


Off to work I go ….


  1. Well, here I was all ready to send you some chocolate, but then I read further and since I don’t have an oboe to go with it, I guess that’s out.

    It would have been dark chocolate anyway, so don’t feel too bad.

  2. Wait! I think I’ll take the chocolate after all. But you know me, I want the milky stuff. 😉

  3. Too late…I ate it already.