… I hope … I pray ….

I have a feeling that I’m just an idiot. I think I was turning the screw that is on the C key the wrong direction!

If that was it, then I figured this thing out, although of course the pit temperature issue is still there and I’ll have to contend with that. But in any case, I’m thinking … I’m hoping … and yes, praying ….


  1. Sorry to hear about your oboe giving you trouble. Not fun at all! If you get the oboe working at home and then it starts acting up in the cold pit, is it possible you have a crack that closes in the warmer temperature but opens up once you start playing a while in the cold? After you notice the response problem, do you check the seal? You’ve probably already consider this and I’m sorry to say the “C” word but just wanted to offer an idea. Hope you get it worked out.

  2. Thanks, Janet.

    Actually this oboe already has been cracked and pinned. I did check the seal and it seems fine … but I will sure check again! I do think part of it was my “backwards” thinking with the C key, but it still is so odd that screws need tightening or loosening due to climatic change, don’t you think? (The G#/Ab screw … the one that hangs over from the middle joint to the top, if you know what I mean changes between here and home as far as how tight it needs to be. VERY odd.)

    But anyway, I guess tomorrow, opening night, will tell the tale.

  3. I can relate to the challenge of climate change. Amarillo has a lot of fluctuations and yes, it can affect the instrument and reeds day to day here. I try to keep a lot of reeds going and pick the “reed du jour” depending on what works best. The Sawicki has been pulled off my shelf many times here! The joys of playing the oboe! That’s odd about the G# arm changing so much. I had similar problems with my EH until I added more padding in my case to make sure it wasn’t moving around in transport. The other thought is aligning the upper and lower joint the same way each time you put it together but I’m sure you’re doing that.

  4. Yep, I’m aligning the oboe the same way … and I even have extra padding in the case already, but perhaps I’ll add a bit more. I wonder if that could be jostling it. But, to be honest, I think it’s just the cold causes the screws to get a bit loose or something. If that’s possible.