06. September 2008 · Comments Off on And For Your Amusement · Categories: Links, Oboe, Ramble, Videos, Watch

Well, it looks like it would be kind of fun. But ….

In any case, as i watched this I pondered: what if a bunch of 50 year olds put something like this together? And then I thought, what if a bunch of 50 year olds started a rock band? I know there are old rockers, but they began when they were younger. Could a bunch of over-the-hillers begin a rock band and still succeed, or does it require youth to begin, with longevity being a possibility but certainly not a guarantee?

Yeah, I’m just wasting time as I sit here drinking my latté and watching the tennis open. Because I don’t want to try using my half-hole finger (this is the left index finger to you non-oboe readers). I teach at 11:15, and so when I warm up prior to that lesson I’ll find out if I have to use some kind of super glue on this finger or not. (Using that stuff really stings horribly, so if I can avoid it I will, but it might be the only way I can play. We’ll see.)

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