Gee, may I be positive for a change? I hope so!

The reeds worked. (Yes, I used more than one; I like to use a different reed for the middle act at least. I’d rather have three, but didn’t go for it today.) My Pesky Oboe™ worked (I’ll have to rename it, I suppose). And … well … I played well. At least I feel as if I played well. And all those low notes in the letter scene? There.

So now I’m home, and I’m relaxing and airing out the house (it got up to 90 degrees today). And I’m happy.


  1. Glad to hear it – but I still think you should take it up to MCW for a check-up, maybe (and while you’re there, you could scope out what he might have in stock that would be suitable for me)…:)

  2. Heh … gee, you wouldn’t be mostly thinking about your desire for an oboe, would you? 😉

  3. No no no, of course not, only thinking about you…8-)

  4. Yes. And I believe you.