Is it foolish to blog about my failures? I wonder.

Just pondering. And thinking that oboists out there must think I’m one rotten and deficient player, while students will wonder why they heck they should study with me.

Of course mentioning it here only makes it worse, eh?

Honest. It’s what I like to be. But it probably does come back to bite me.


  1. I really doubt you’re hurting yourself professionally. But, Patty, I do think you’re way too hard on yourself.

    We all love your blog — and your “warts and all” style of observation. I have not had the chance to hear you play. But, somehow, I know I’d love it. Hang in there!

  2. Thanks, Bill.

    Most of my friends and family say the same thing. I know I’m hard on myself. Sometimes I attempt to change. It’s just darn difficult!