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If you go here you can see a list of “classical” music used in movies. The list is alphabetical by movie. Fun! Of course it’s a Naxos thing, so I don’t know if they’ll tell you of a work that isn’t in their catalog. (Truman Show, for instance, doesn’t have a thing about Philip Glass. Hmmm.) But they do have a lot in their catalog. So there you go.

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I really like to play classical music. I like to listen to it sometimes too but not as much.

This isn’t completely uncommon. I’ve heard students say this a lot. Similarly, I’ve heard self-declared (unpublished unless it’s a vanity press) poets say they write poetry but would never open a book of poems. Ho hum.

Of course there’s also Ned Rorem:

I don’t go to concerts much. I’ve heard everything. When I do go to movies, I walk out half the time. As for literature, I’ve read everything.

After opening weekend I’m usually a zombie. So today is going to be spent doing a whole lotta nothing until teaching this afternoon. I just need a break. (Sorry, DK. I know you never get these breaks. 🙁 Not fair, eh?)

We were pretty much totally panned by Richard Scheinin in the Merc. (Or am I reading it wrong, as my husband frequently suggests?) Jameson (our younger son) saw and heard the same cast and he agreed with some of what Sheinin said, but not a lot of it. Oh well. Can’t win ’em all. (Can’t win many …?)

This week we don’t have another performance until Thursday. I hope to get a good number of reeds working by then, since Onegin is a bit of a reed eater. But right now I think I’m going to catch up on all the blogs I’ve missed.

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Even your adulteries are superior to mine; yours plays the oboe.

-Ben Kingsley as David Kepesh in the movie Elegy

(No, I’ve not seen the movie. After reading the book I’ve decided it’s not my cuppa.)