A very different blog that I also enjoy is Patty Mitchell’s oboeinsight. Ms. Mitchell posts very frequently, several times per day. Often she posts just to share a link or YouTube video, to complain about a reed problem, or to pass along a quote about the oboe or about classical music. She mostly isn’t generating serious original content like Ms. Cluff is doing, but she’s an entertaining read (or an entertaining “reed,” she might say).

Thanks, Bret! It’s nice of you to mention me. But I guess I’d better get more serious, eh?

Or maybe not. 😉


  1. Please don’t change a thing! 🙂

  2. Heh … I’m old. How could I change NOW?! 😉

    Sometimes I wish I could be more instructive. I guess I get that out of my system by teaching, though. (I have quite a large studio these days … not sure how that happened!)