Patrick Flynn has died. He conducted several times with SSV. It is reported that he died of a heart attack.

Not dead, but leaving, is Gerard Schwarz. He will depart Seattle Symphony when his contract expires in 2011. Found here.

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but the “presale password” to a Kathy Griffin show is “OBOE”.

Aaron Neville uses “OBOE” too.

As do (does?) Reverend Horton Heat with Manic Hispanic, Ben Kenney with Heavy Young Heathens and Marisela. (Never heard of these.)

Okay, I’ll stop now. Apparently OBOE is a magic word for a lot of things, as I see it on the list a whole lot.

Ah, the magic of OBOE. Who’da thunk it?

Or is that site just a scam? Don’t blame me if it doesn’t work. Besides, do you really want to go hear and see Gov’t Mule?!

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… but something about this seems wrong to me:

Anna Netrebko, Merola Class of 1966 and expected to return to San Francisco in La Traviata in June, gave birth last week to Tiago Arua (”Treasure” in a Bolivian Indian dialect) Schrott. Netrebko’s fiancé is Uruguayan bass-baritone Erwin Schrott.

I read it here, and I’ll bet that gets changed.

Ms. Netrebko is, so the article says, 37. If I’m remembering correctly, I played the Grand Finale of her Merola year. —checks program she actually saved (!)— Yep. 1996. (I was only 10 in ’66 and I doubt they’d have hired me.)

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Classical music is soothing, regardless of the time of day or situation you play it in. When I play classical music, it is either in the background while I’m working or late at night before I’m heading to bed. It is just a generic soundtrack that can be pleasing to anyone really. Why not try getting into some classical music?

So … it can be background music. It’s generic. This all makes it sound as if classical music doesn’t matter. Oh how I’d love to choose some music for this writer! 😉

How about being soothed by some of this:

Or maybe this will soothe you:

It’s true: some “classical” music will calm your nerves. But some can really make you tense and some can cause weeping. Lots of weeping. And some can really scare the willies out of you. But, for some reason, watching the Willis’ (Wilis?) dance (in the ballet Giselle) doesn’t do it:

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I am probably going to quit orchestra because people (even friends) say horrible things to me about my musical untalentedness that make me cry for days. I don’t really want to put up with that anymore.

This just makes me sad for the poor person. Kids can be so darn mean. (I’m assuming, from what I read, that this is a middle or high schooler.)

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Well, after reading this it was sort of a big, “Duh! It’s the horror movie lover.”

So. There you go. Will this opera draw in the horror geek and then cause them to seem other operas as well? I’m gonna go with the “Doubt it” answer, but you all know me well enough to know that pessimism is my middle name.

The writer wasn’t completely positive, but this is the most favorable review I’ve read. It begins this way:

Alright, you uncultured fiends, bust out your Playbills and clove cigarettes. Dread Central is taking you to the opera!

I’ve never smelled clove cigarettes at the opera. Hmm.