But can they make me want to come back? I am, surely, exactly the sort of person they are trying to tempt. I spend much of my time listening to music and attending gigs. I will happily spend vast sums on festivals. Yet classical music has always seemed a cold and distant land, set far away across a sea of elitism. I have had little desire to visit it and I have always bridled at the notion that classical is considered a higher art form than rock’n’roll. Sod your arias, I thought, I’ll stick with Little Richard singing: “A-wop-bop-a-loo-wop-a-wop-bam-boom!”

Then the writer goes to the opera to see if they can prove her wrong. Can someone with that attitude enjoy it? I wonder. She had decided opera goers were snobs. I know when I’ve decided something I can find anything and everything to prove my point. I think anyone can do that.

In any case, it’s a silly little read (to me … but then I’m a cold and distant elitist who doesn’t really enjoy Little Richard all that much.

(For a response other than mine go here. … and yes, I did notice she didn’t know her Rossini Figaro from her Mozart Figaro. But I figure that’s an easy mistake to have if you haven’t a clue about opera.)

In Other News — but opera related — we have our third performance of Eugene Onegin tonight. So if you want to see if you still hate opera, you could always put on your evening gown (or nearly anything else) and come. If you do, do come down to the pit and wave. 🙂


  1. That article really annoyed me. Yeah, people do basically find what they want to find, and she exemplified that. And I think her poor friend must have waited a LONG time to find the “Figaro Figaro Figaro” aria in The Marriage of Figaro! Personally I love that opera and cannot imagine seeing it and not finding SOMETHING to like. At the very least it is FUNNY! Also, the other operas she goes to are kind of random. And Stravinsky, in my opinion, can be a bit cerebral, so if she was looking for gut-wrenching, not sure The Rakes Progress was a good choice. Why not Madame Butterfly??? That opera could make anyone cry, I think. It’s as if she attended three random band concerts and then decided that she hated all rock music. OK, sorry, that just really rubbed me the wrong way. And she never said why the lady at Glyndeborne chastised her: was it what she was wearing or some rude behavior that she conveniently left out of the story?

  2. I know, Gabrielle. Silly article. Silly person. Ah well.

    Truth be told, not everyone likes opera. That’s okay. But her way of seeing if she now likes it was simply foolish.