A “men’s” magazine that shall remain nameless (and unread by yours truly) has something about the ten hottest classical music women (they didn’t use the word women, but the word they used only refers to a movie about a pig to me) and people (men primarily, I suppose) are supposed to send in their votes.


Because what we do is all about how hot we are. Really.

Okay. I’m not hot. I know that. I’m just me. I’m okay with that most of the time, although stuff like this makes me feel … I dunno … kind of unattractive even while most of me is merely annoyed.

But mostly I can’t figure out why this magazine even bothers with something like this. Do its readers really even care?

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San Jose State University
School of Music and Dance
Concert Hall

September 17, 2008, 7:30 PM

Michael Adduci – Oboe
Carolyn Lockhart – Bassoon
Victoria Lington – Piano

Works by Poulenc, Mozart, Bush, Vaughan Williams

$10 adults
$5 students
Proceeds to the SJSU Scholarship fund

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I absolutely hate those plastic sheet protectors my students are required to put their copies of music into for youth symphonies and bands these days. How in the world are they to mark their music? (How am I supposed to mark their parts?! It is about me, after all.) And the glare that is on the music is crazy. Surely there must be something else they can do? (I’m thinking of, perhaps, something to attach to the side of the music that is hole punched, so students can have the music in their binders, but not have them covered by plastic. Does such a thing exist?)

Surely band directors and orchestra conductors understand that marking music is a very good thing?

I also get tired of seeing so many illegal copies of music out there. The really crazy thing is that I see my markings on some of this music, so I know they copied it from a symphony I’m in. Sigh.


The program opened with “Arioso and Scherzo” by the 20th century British composer Arnold Cooke. Written in 1955 for the English horn virtuoso Dennis Brain, it starred CCM founding member Gail Williams, with CCM member Jasmine Lin as first violin, violists Solomonow and guest artist Richard Young, as well as cellist Balderston. The round full sound of the French horn contrasted sharply with the strings in the work’s wistful beginning, while the strings seemed to be having a brisk conversation of their own, below the soaring horn. It is always a pleasure to hear Williams play and this piece was a treat from start to finish.

I do believe Dennis Brain was a famous French horn player. Yes?

I read this here, and I’m going to guess they correct that pretty quickly. We’ll see!

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So I was googling “Peter and the Wolf” and “Leonard Nimoy” because I read that San Francisco Youth Symphony was going to be doing the work with Nimoy narrating, and I wanted more info. But instead, I typed. “Peter and the Worf” which, I think, with “Leonard Nimoy” is just sort of funny.

I guess maybe I’m alone here. But I’m sharing my silly humor anyway.

You can see the concert information here.

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German opera is great, but don’t sit in the front row. That language, when sung, gets messy.