A “men’s” magazine that shall remain nameless (and unread by yours truly) has something about the ten hottest classical music women (they didn’t use the word women, but the word they used only refers to a movie about a pig to me) and people (men primarily, I suppose) are supposed to send in their votes.


Because what we do is all about how hot we are. Really.

Okay. I’m not hot. I know that. I’m just me. I’m okay with that most of the time, although stuff like this makes me feel … I dunno … kind of unattractive even while most of me is merely annoyed.

But mostly I can’t figure out why this magazine even bothers with something like this. Do its readers really even care?

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  1. A niche audience, to be sure. Seems like I’m their target demographic, and I’ll still give them a pass, thanks. 🙂