15. September 2008 · Comments Off on May I Just Say … · Categories: Ramble

I absolutely hate those plastic sheet protectors my students are required to put their copies of music into for youth symphonies and bands these days. How in the world are they to mark their music? (How am I supposed to mark their parts?! It is about me, after all.) And the glare that is on the music is crazy. Surely there must be something else they can do? (I’m thinking of, perhaps, something to attach to the side of the music that is hole punched, so students can have the music in their binders, but not have them covered by plastic. Does such a thing exist?)

Surely band directors and orchestra conductors understand that marking music is a very good thing?

I also get tired of seeing so many illegal copies of music out there. The really crazy thing is that I see my markings on some of this music, so I know they copied it from a symphony I’m in. Sigh.

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