16. September 2008 · Comments Off on 6 Down, 2 To Go · Categories: Oboe, Opera, Ramble

We’ve now played six performances of Eugene Onegin, and we have two more to go; one is on Friday and the other is on Sunday. In between is the gala.

Tonight the reed I’m using for the first act was acting up. Not in a great way, but most of it was just that it didn’t feel right. Oboe players will know what I mean when I write that even if it sounds good it is really no fun if it feels bad. Yes, feelings matter.

Ah reeds! Such is life, eh?

I do enjoy this opera. Once I make it through the first act I can relax and enjoy. I suspect that if I felt more comfortable with reeds and oboes even the first act would be fine. Guess I won’t know during this run, though.

Speaking of oboes, I had a dream last night that I took the problematic oboe to my repairman. He held it up to his nose and, through his nose, mind you, blew into some keys. He then handed it back to me and said, “There is nothing to do. The oboe is no good. You need to replace it.”

I’m hoping to take the oboe in on Monday. I’m assuming I will not hear that I have to replace the oboe. I’d better not! We can’t exactly be buying an oboe right now.

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