We are just home from Simon Boccanegra. It was really wonderful. Aside from what little I heard on YouTube prior to the performance I knew nothing of the music. I now really want a recording of this.

The singers were super. The orchestra was as well. The audience … well … the audience was not so wonderful. The people in front of us barely applauded at all. The couple to our right didn’t come back after the first half and an usher took one of their seats. She proceeded to open her zippered purse noisily, and then had something with velcro she opened. Bizarre. You’d think ushers would be quiet. Wouldn’t you?

But in any case, I just loved the Simon Boccanegra and I’m so happy I finally saw and heard Dmitri Hvorostovsky live and in person!

(I am only a mite disappointed that where we are now sitting — grand tier, row D or E depending upon the opera — means I don’t see the oboe section very well. But I heard them and they were, as always, great!)


  1. So glad to hear you love the opera. Grand Tier patrons are often annoying, I’ve noticed.

  2. What do you think it is about them?

    I must admit that sitting there you feel somewhat isolated because of the ceiling hanging over you. Oh … now looking at my tickets I’m in Dress Circle … so we are behind the GT folks. Oops! But we do have the balcony over us, and I wonder if that makes people feel as if they aren’t connected?

    I’m just puzzling out loud here. Because I was pretty shocked.

    And then there was that noisy usher!

    Of course I’m in a bit of an odd position; my usual place is in the pit of OSJ. We are extremely quiet, we never talk, we don’t eat candy … so maybe my expectations are a bit erroneous?

  3. classicallyspeaking

    Dmitri Hvorostovsky…mmm=)

    I saw him in Don Carlo and Un Ballo in Mashera at the Met…but my favorite time I “saw” him was in the opera you’re doing now-Eugene Onegin–we saw the Met movie broadcast (w/ Renee Fleming).

    that performance is out on DVD now, but randy and I both liked it so much we’re afraid to watch it again and find out that it isn’t as good as we remember it;) But it’s possibly the best thing ever.

    oh, and don’t get me started on concert audiences!;)

    Classically Speaking

  4. I’ve seen portions of the Met’s Eugene Onegin. I absolutely loved what I saw, and plan on getting the DVD sometime when I manage to get some money saved for such things. He is so great, isn’t he? And great to look at too. 😉

    (Yes, my husband knows I think that. But my husband is great to look at as well!)