Sept. 23: A new system of projecting English “supertitles” will be introduced by the San Francisco Opera for its October student, senior citizen and family matinee performances of Verdi’s “La Traviata.” The translation, in letters about a foot tall, will be projected on a screen hanging just above the top border over the stage. A spokesman for the San Francisco Opera said the use of supertitles is an experiment and there are no plans to use them during the regular subscription season.


Sept. 21: Dave Brubeck turned down $17,000 in round-trip transportation and performance fees for his quartet for a proposed South African tour in January. “They told us we couldn’t take our bass player, so the deal was off,” Brubeck said. Bassist Gene Wright, who is rejoining the group in time for the Monterey Jazz Festival in October, is black. A letter received from the Johannesburg promoter said: “It is absolutely impossible for (Wright) to come to South Africa. Not only is there an ordinance prohibiting the appearance onstage of a mixed group, but also he would not be allowed in the country, and therefore the tour would have to be without him.”

I read this here. Interesting, no?

But BEST of all? No more squirrel for dinner!:


Sept. 24: Squirrel saute is soon to be a thing of the past if an ordinance recommended by the Board of Health and the Hospital and Health Committee of the Board of Supervisors is adopted. The proposed ordinance makes it a misdemeanor to sell ground squirrels in San Francisco. Health authorities contend that the squirrels are infected with disease, which in some cases has been transmitted to people, causing death in several instances. In practically the entire farming section of the state the ground squirrel is regarded as a pest, owing to the damage it does to crops. Farmers have welcomed market hunters in their pursuit of the squirrels, and millions of the little animals have been sold in cities around the bay, sometimes being served under their own name, but frequently they furnish the meat for rabbit or other game pies. If the proposed ordinance is adopted, the hunters will have to abandon their calling.


  1. So now I’m curious – do they mean “ground” as in the kind of squirrel that lives underground, or ground as in minced? I am somehow always amused when I see them clinging to the cyclone fence over by Moffett Field when I drive by.

    And I was feeling pretty virtuous last week for helping to save a baby squirrel, but my cat was not impressed. She seemed to feel that we’re not likely to run out of them any time soon, and it was a waste of a perfectly good appetizer…

  2. Oh, and I forgot (sorry): Aaarrr – avast, ye lubbers – whar be yer parrot? Pass the grog and shiver me timbers.

  3. Heh … I thought “ground squirrel” as in “ground beef” … and I don’t eat red meat.

    And yes, I skipped out on talking like a pirate today. Shame on me! I’ll be walkin’ the plank, I’m sure.