when I’m so angry at myself regarding my playing that I simply shouldn’t blog about it.

So I won’t. 🙁

I just saw a “oboe for sale” entry at a photography site. It’s a Selmer oboe (ick!). They are asking $2800. Hmmm. Seems high, but maybe some Selmer’s are decent? I’ve not seen one that is, but that doesn’t really mean anything, right? The thing that really made me laugh was this:

It comes with a double case, several reeds, and a couple lesson books.

Would you want to play someone else’s who-knows-where-they’ve-been reeds? They might be wise to just nix the reeds, don’tcha think?

Or maybe I’m being silly. I’ve been that way before.

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Former Fort Worth opera house light bulb set for centennial birthday

Since it was installed back in 1908, the light bulb originally placed in the Byers Opera House in downtown Fort Worth has burned almost continuously. From its current location in the Stockyards Museum, the old bulb will celebrate its 100th “birthday” on September 21.

In 1970, The Guinness Book of World Records mistakenly hailed the Fort Worth bulb as the world’s “most durable,” but later discovered that the honor belongs to a bulb burning since 1901 in a fire station in Livermore, California.

Oldest or not, there will be cake and punch served to honor Cowtown’s little light.

Really now … how could you have lived without that information. Huh? I hope that if you live nearby you partake in the festivities and maybe send me a picture or two. K?

I read it here.

My little light bulb … you know … the one inside this brain? It flickers a heck of a lot. Sometimes it even goes out entirely. (Had a moment recently where it did that.) Poor lightbulb.

This opera wires me. I was SO tired after our three hour gala rehearsal this afternoon, and then after a nice dinner with friends (who happen to be my colleagues as well) we had the three hour performance of Eugene Onegin. AND my stomach wasn’t a happy camper today (I wonder if I ate something that didn’t agree with me … I’m just hoping it’s not the chocolate I was eating!). So it’s been a bit exhausting.

It’s now 12:16 AM and I am not sure I’ll be able to sleep. This is what happens sometimes after a concert. I’m hyper and could probably talk someone’s ear off. And then I get home to a quiet house of sleeping guys. No one here to whine to.

Is that fair?

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Charlie Rose had something on with Peter Gelb today, I guess (?). I just landed there, due to comments about opera. The video isn’t up yet, but perhaps it will be soon, and then maybe this link will take you to it. Time will tell. But here is the comment that I was alerted to:

Unlike many opera is wasted on me. Nonetheless, inasmuch as they seem to gravitate to the melodramatic I might be drawn to one on Armeggeddon. (A sequel to Dr. Atomic?) It’s inevitability (doomsday fits my outlook) would add a gravitas that opera seems to feed on.

Just sharing. I’m nice that way. (And I’m just home from Eugene Onegin. So there’s that.)