I wish my short term memory didn’t exist any more.

There are advantages, you know?

Say, for instance, I play a wrong note in a solo. Well, voila! The next day I’m a happy camper! “Wrong note?” I ask a colleague. “What wrong note?”

Someone should create a drug that allows you to forget a concert when you are unhappy with one stupid wrong note!


Now if I were a baseball player, one strike or strikeout wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Heck, even if I managed to get on base 50% of the time I’d be doing just fine. By batting averages I’m doing great.

But one wrong note can ruin a whole day. Or week.

I have no tolerance for errors in my playing. Somehow when someone else makes a mistake I just smile (inwardly at least) and think, “Well, we are human. We make mistakes. And it’s just not that big of a deal.” When it’s yours truly the entire world stops. Everyone stares and thinks, “That girl is an idiot and should be working as a doorknob counter.” (Ooh … I could count doorknobs for a living! Does anyone know of an opening somewhere?) 😉

Okay … done. I said I would blog about it. So consider this an unblog. Please?


  1. Other than that, how was the gala?

    I’m very curious to know what the chorus sang – mainly because I’m a little disappointed that I wasn’t asked to participate. But I suppose it was easier for them to just use the Onegin chorus rather than try to convene a separate group of people. And if they sang anything from Onegin I would’ve been sunk, anyway…

  2. Let’s see … I think there was chorus in Te Deum from Tosca, Anvil Chorus, and Brindisi. I think that was it.

    I thought maybe I’d see you there, but I do think they rehearsed this stuff during Onegin. The orchestra was only at one rehearsal. (If there had been two I would NOT have made my note blunder. Sigh.)

    The audience loved it. We were told it would be 1 1/2 hours long (no intermission). It was 2 1/2, still with no intermission. That’s a long sit! But there was a lot of video (which of course we couldn’t see at ALL), and Miss Dalis so graciously talked about the orchestra and how we donated over $3,000 to the organization last year. I was moved.

    It was fun, but I was pretty exhausted since it was near the end of the Onegin run. Sunday I was close to being a zombie!