Well, well, well … it doesn’t really work … um … well … does it?:


I’d just love to hear this:

Residents of northern Los Angeles County are not grooving to this music.

Lancaster city officials said this week that they’re paving over a quarter-mile strip of asphalt grooved to play the William Tell Overture when auto tires speed over it.

The road was completed this month as part of an ad campaign for Honda. It’s engineered to play the overture — also known as the theme to “The Lone Ranger” — at perfect pitch for motorists driving Honda Civics at 55 mph.

But neighbors aren’t amused. One says the road music sounds like a high-pitched drone. Another says it keeps him and his wife up at night.

Lancaster officials plan to pave over the grooves Tuesday.

I read it here.

Of course I’m guessing they skip everything but the “Lone Ranger” theme. But what a kick! (I can certainly understand why it would be annoying, though.)

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  1. OW!1!!1!!1! ow ow ow ow ow ow ow…

    …but somehow I now have a perverse desire to hear it again…

    All my sympathy goes out to nearby residents (unless they all happen to own Civics and always drive 55 M.P.H).