… but can she make an oboe reed?

Seriously, though, this young flutist was eight years old when this was made? Fine. I’m humbled. Again. (I didn’t know what an oboe was when I was eight years old!)


  1. The oboeinsight.com little 8-year-old girl playing FLUTE was just terrific!
    I’m curious to know her country, her name & what the name of that flute-selection was!
    I’m a professional, classically-trained harpist living in California.
    Thanks! And that is one very talented
    woodwind player! I liked the piece a
    lot. “lilac”

  2. Welcome, luckylilac! Thanks for commenting. I’m sure we could find out more about this incredible player.

    So I’m here in the SF Bay Area … and you? (California is so big, so perhaps we are neighbors, but perhaps not …?)