Well, okay … you can’t really turn “two turntables and a microphone” into something else and still be cool and witty and all that jazz. But no one things I am cool and witty so there you go!

But I’m home from two rehearsals with a free dinner thrown in in the middle. Nice.

And I’m home in time to enlarge my mind by watching … drum roll … Project Runway!

Yeah, I really watch it. So sorry to disappoint any of you who had thought of me differently. But what can I say? I like watching people create fashion. I only wish they would design for the classical musician who lives in black. Wouldn’t that be nice? Maybe something versatile so we’d have several looks or something?

Of course about six months ago I was thinking they should be designing mother of the bride outfits.

I’m so selfish. 🙂

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Met to offer online service for opera lovers

NEW YORK (AP) — Legendary performances at the Metropolitan Opera of “La Boheme” with Luciano Pavarotti and “Otello” with Placido Domingo will soon be available over the Internet for the first time.

The Met plans to offer online subscriptions to 120 audio recordings and 50 full-length videos of performances through its Met Player service beginning October 22nd.

Users will be able to listen to and watch 170 full-length operas, including recent high-definition broadcasts.

Subscriptions will cost $14.99 a month or $149.99 per year.

On the Net: * http://www.metplayer.org/preview

I read it here.

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This is a BQOD I just found:

I wrote an identical message last October; this makes year #4 of consecutive decisions by our symphony leadership to omit from their holiday program the performance of Handel’s masterpiece The Messiah. For the fourth consecutive year, people, the SLSO apparently still isn’t up to performing it for a scant weekend during the Christmas season. We in StL–and the symphony–better start worring now that our patrons will entirely forget who Handel is, let alone remember the sounds of one of the best classical (or any) musical work of all time.

The blogger who wrote this clearly believes Messiah (no “The” in the title) to be a Christmas work, and one that should be performed annually.

I do enjoy playing Messiah, but to do it every year would, I fear, grow mighty tiring. In addition, I see it more as and Easter work than a Christmas work. I do frequently play the sing-along event at the California Theatre, and yes, they do it in December, but I’ve rarely done it otherwise. I think San Jose Symphony (RIP) did it for a few years in a row, but it was finally nixed. I doubt anyone who knew it will “entirely forget who Handel is”, but of course I’ve been wrong before ….

In Other News
I’ve been doing EH work this morning. Reeds are always so cooperative in my little house! We’ll see what they think of a stage, though. There’s really not a lot on this first program that is soloistic, but there is one solo in the Ellington where I am all alone for the start of the solo. Next set is when I have a lot of notes: we are doing La Mer. So I pulled that out as well, and it’s interesting to see how the fast licks are still in these old fingers, having not played it for so long. I’m not a huge Debussy fan. There’s just something about him I don’t connect with; I’m not sure what that’s about but there you go. Still, I do as I’m told, so Debussy it will be.

When you train classically, it’s like oiling the gears in your body. If you go ahead and sing pop music after that, it’s like pouring sand over those gears. We are not allowed to sing pop while we are training as classical singers — so no more karaoke.

-Natalie Aroyan

So is it simply impossible to do “pop” singing if you do opera? Or is it that opera instructors and singers don’t care for the music after singing opera? I’m not a singer, so I haven’t a clue.

(And yes, I’m a little quieter now. Work has begun. That means I can’t be putting things up here in that crazy, somewhat frighteningly obsessive way I managed to do in the summer.)