Well, okay … you can’t really turn “two turntables and a microphone” into something else and still be cool and witty and all that jazz. But no one things I am cool and witty so there you go!

But I’m home from two rehearsals with a free dinner thrown in in the middle. Nice.

And I’m home in time to enlarge my mind by watching … drum roll … Project Runway!

Yeah, I really watch it. So sorry to disappoint any of you who had thought of me differently. But what can I say? I like watching people create fashion. I only wish they would design for the classical musician who lives in black. Wouldn’t that be nice? Maybe something versatile so we’d have several looks or something?

Of course about six months ago I was thinking they should be designing mother of the bride outfits.

I’m so selfish. 🙂

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  1. It’s good to be playing with SSV again this week! I saw you pass by backstage on your way to dinner but you were occupied with your colleagues. We need to at least say “hello” to one another! 😉

    What are your initial impressions of the conductor?