anyway, i detested oboists with a vengeance. there was this pattern in our school as well, that all oboists were sweet, pretentious and the biggest backstabbers in band, along with their good friends the trumpeters and the clarinetists. so, while working on my composition for MEP, i totally excluded the [profanity excluded] instrument and wrote in my introduction that was to be submitted to Cambridge that “I have not included an oboe part for personal reasons.” which was frankly, zero loss to me and my composition.


  1. Oddly enough, the oboe player I remember from my high-school class (Homestead ’78) was, in my opinion, a very sweet person. Not, however, backstabbing or pretentious, (also in my opinion) – and she was even pretty (up for Homecoming Queen, IIRC). Plus, she had a boxer named Max – how cool is that? I can remember a couple of other oboe players from earlier classes, and they seemed nice enough (but they hadn’t been in school with me from 4th grade, so I didn’t know ’em as well).

  2. Not to put too fine a point on this, but doesn’t revenge on oboe players as a group over some perceived slight in school and sharing that you did it in your “introduction that was submitted to Cambridge”qualify as both , ahem, “backstabbing” and “pretentious” behavior? (Or should I spell it “behaviour” in this case?)

    As someone I know might write, “just sayin'”

  3. I’m sure you both could imagine how I reacted! I mean … c’mon … we aren’t the same as those trumpet players and clarinetists. Geesh! We could never be as bad as THEM. (Kidding … pretty much … really.)

    Seriously, though … these people who think the internet is their private little journal are pretty darn naive, don’t you think? If I were a great big meanie I could really ruin some people’s lives considering what I’ve read. But since I’m just sweet and pretentious and I somehow missed the backstabbing part I won’t do that.

    Hmmm. What would I leave out if I were composing something?

    I know, I know! How about the conductor! 😉