Yesterday I was having vision issues, but I chalked it up to my reading glasses; I know they need replacing. But today I have “The Headache”.


I can barely move, as any little movement makes it pound like you wouldn’t believe. It’s pretty much a “can’t do anything until it’s gone” thing, except that I have things to do and I can’t not do them. I teach this afternoon, and I have symphony this evening. One time when I had one of these I had to play, and every time I wasn’t playing the pounding was so bad I had to put my head between my legs, fearing I’d pass out from the pain. (I also got yelled at by a fellow musician who thought I was reacting to his playing. That was fun.) So this morning is going to be spent either back in bed or on the couch. I can’t really do much on the computer; that hurts too.

Ah well. We all have our trials, yes? It’s just that this, being my blog, allows me to whine to readers. (Sorry!) I’m going to try a bunch of Advil once I can stomach some food, and see if that helps at all. (Yes, I had migraine meds, but they did absolutely nothing every time I tried them so I gave up on them.)

Guess I can spend the morning listening to music if my brain can handle it. We’ll see!


  1. Coincidentally, my neighbor was telling me the other morning (while we waited for the school bus) that they’ve made some new discoveries about migraines and that they now believe them to be nerve-related rather than vascular-related. You might want to ping your Dr. to see if there are any new treatments that are more effective. I’ve only ever had the swimmy-vision part of a migraine, and that only about three times in my life (for which I’m grateful).

  2. I’ll have to check that out, Tim. Meanwhile I took the suggested four ibuprofen and I think I’m already feeling them at work.

    I seem to get these at least four times a year. Maybe more. I have never kept track. Probably best that I don’t; I might get depressed! But I’ll be seeing my doc sometime soon so I’ll ask her about the nerve-related notion.