Okay … maybe not the picture. But see if you can figure it out!

“Oboist playing in the street” … so it says.

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Two BQODs in one day? Yep. Because I’m probably not going to be able to blog much today — my eyes need a computer break. Still.

I’m often asked the question “what do I listen to besides Classical music?” Sometimes, people offer me to relax with such-and-such Classical music work. When I explain them that it might stress me out, they seem a bit taken aback.

Sometimes I include a link to BQODs, sometimes not. (I mostly don’t when I think the blogger might get into trouble for what I’ve found!) For this one, you can visit the blog of a pianist, Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont.

it is true that what might relax a non-musician might not relax us.

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I played the bassoon for 6 years. I started out playing the clarinet…but in 7th grade my band instructor suggested that I play the bassoon because I had big hands.
That is NOT something you want someone telling you in 7th grade. Plus it’s not the coolest instrument in the world…in 7th grade. It’s large and awkward.