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Jessica Duchen brought my attention to the video below. I’m so glad I know about her blog! Do check it out, and make sure you get to the end. (These guys can sing too!)

There’s something so incredible about a string quartet. I’m envious; while woodwind quintet can be fun just for kicks, we can’t get the blend four strings get. After all, we might be wind instruments, but we are all quite unique in timbre. And these guys are so darn good. Sometimes I watch and listen to things like this and wonder about my miniscule abilities. Yes, I’m insecure that way.

The real excitement for those under-30 is the new Opera for a New Age ticket pricing. Starting Saturday September 27th, anyone under 30 can purchase these special fall season tickets for only $20.

Okay … I know the real reason is that they are trying to get younger people into the hall. But this irks me. And the fact that I use the word “irk” says I’m older than 30.


It just feels like ageism to this older person.

However, you can WIN your own pair of tickets from blogTO right now! We have a pair of tickets to the October 14th performance of War and Peace (7pm) at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts for one lucky reader.

The above quotes are from the Toronto Blog.

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(This may not be true. I’ll have to listen to it when they put it online. But I’ve started a “Spoken Quote of the Day due to this. If I’m wrong I promise you I’ll correct myself!)

You literally grew up under his wing.

Said by Scott Simon to Marin Alsop (on Weekend Edition) regarding Leonard Bernstein

Did I really just hear that, or am I dreaming it?

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I know, he’s not a musician … but he was an artist and deserves a mention. And there was just something about him that made if feel as if he would live forever. (Of course I realize that’s impossible, I’m not saying I truly believed it.) So reading the news this morning just kind of caught me off guard.

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Birmingham has the best orchestra in the world and it was they who got me into music in the first place when I was a youngster. There was a quiet part of the day at school when they put on a gramophone record, as they called them then, and played some classics by the Symphony Orchestra. That must have stayed with me.

-John Lodge (of the Moody Blues)

(I played a Moody Blues concert a few years back. The audience was so old! Of course, in reality, they were my age. But still they looked so OLD. Which reminded me of my own age. Wouldn’t ya know?)