The real excitement for those under-30 is the new Opera for a New Age ticket pricing. Starting Saturday September 27th, anyone under 30 can purchase these special fall season tickets for only $20.

Okay … I know the real reason is that they are trying to get younger people into the hall. But this irks me. And the fact that I use the word “irk” says I’m older than 30.


It just feels like ageism to this older person.

However, you can WIN your own pair of tickets from blogTO right now! We have a pair of tickets to the October 14th performance of War and Peace (7pm) at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts for one lucky reader.

The above quotes are from the Toronto Blog.


  1. If I hurry I can still get cheap tickets. But after April I will have to wait for the senior citizen discount to kick in.

  2. Well, you’d better run and get ’em while you can. Once you have that b-day running just might be out, too.