(As I find new reviews I’ll repost this so those who are interested can read them. I guarantee nothing about the quality of the review; I only guarantee it is about The Bonesetter’s Daughter.)

Reviews and blogs are coming in now. I don’t see the opera until the end of the month, and I’ve wondered if I should avoid reading the reviews.

Alas, it’s too late, as I’ve already been to the sites. So oh well!

Gramophone (Robert Hilferty)
Kinderkuchen for the FBI (Dr. B)
For All Events (Lynn Ruth Miller)
Blogolini (Dianne Nicolini)
The Reporter (Richard Bammer)
New York Times (Anthony Tommasini)
Civic Center (SF Mike)
Bloomberg News (Alan Rich)
LA Times (Mark Swed)
SF Chronicle (Joshua Kosman)
SFCV (Janos Gereben)
Mercury News (Richard Scheinin)
Opera Tattler (Charlise Tiee )

More … about the final dress
Opera Tattler
The Standing Room

As I find more articles and blog entries I’ll update this page, so do check it again! (Newest additions will be at the top of the list.)


  1. Thanks for posting these! Amazing how much most of them differ from my jaded impression (no pun intended). So maybe you’ll enjoy it immensely.

  2. I just put a new one up, dk, and it appears Alan Rich isn’t too thrilled.