All in all, I give Simon Boccanegra 4 out of 5 stars and going to the opera 3.5 out of 5 stars; let’s be honest: movies cut to the chase, operas cut around the chase–not the ideal strategy to get guys in the seats, however phenomenal the singing.


  1. I don’t understand from this excerpt just exactly what the writer was trying to get at…especially since they rated Simon Boccanegra higher than the general experience of going to the opera. ??? What do they mean by “cutting to the chase”? I’m guessing they don’t mean the plot, as they liked S.B. which presumably is what they’re judging the experience of GTTO on. What, it takes longer to get in your seat at the opera? Or are they being metaphorical, as in going to the movies is about seeing the movie, but going to the opera can be about other things besides seeing the opera? I need to be enlightened!

  2. Oh, I think he’s just saying things sure move slowly in opera. The whole blog entry was actually a fun read.