Okay, okay, I really don’t believe it is … honest! But c’mon … I’m so weary of hearing what we have to change. I recently read one blog where the blogger has determined it’s all about how we dress and our hairstyles. Yes, indeed, younger people will attend if only we look better.


I hate white tie and tails. Really. I think it’s silly to dress in a costume like that, and I will cheer on an orchestra that finds something more appropriate for the 21st century. But do I think at 25 year old isn’t attending symphony concerts because he or she hates what we wear? Nope.

But NOW there’s this, which just made me laugh: it’s the darn name this time. Sinfonietta is too hard to pronounce. Wouldn’t ya know?

After 13 years, the Lancashire Sinfonietta, supported by Lancashire County Council, believes its name may not accurately reflect “who” they really are and could be reinforcing misconceptions among some people that classical music is elitist.

The Lancashire Sinfonietta is a unique professional chamber orchestra comprising over 80 ‘home-grown musicians’. It is the county’s only professional orchestra which includes members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and the Hallé, and has built up an excellent reputation among concert goers, albeit with a tongue-twisting title.

Richard Hooper, Executive Chair of the Lancashire Sinfonietta, explained:

“We are looking to revitalise our brand to reflect the next chapter of the Sinfonietta’s evolution. We recently hosted a committee discussion to start looking at how we develop and promote both the Sinfonietta and classical music more widely, both locally and nationally, across age groups. Then someone round the table ( a long-time Sinfonietta supporter ) stuttered as he said the word Sinfonietta and got the vowels the wrong way round… we looked at each other and said “maybe we should stop talking about logos and go back to the name itself.”

Whew! Easy to change “sinfonietta” to something else, don’tcha think? Although maybe “Lancashire” is another stumbling block. So maybe they should move to a new location too.

I read it here.