I’m home. I liked it. With reservations, but I liked it. Quite a lot, in fact.

The end really got to me, actually. Yes, I nearly lost it. There were other absolutely beautiful moments as well. I thought it could use a nip & tuck here and there. And because we only see Ruth’s husband’s family at the beginning and then they are gone completely I wonder if something could be done there. Why they needed the pop singer guy is beyond me. I couldn’t really hear him well, and didn’t think his voice was necessary. I have a bit of trouble with the Precious Auntie part — the voice and all isn’t exactly pleasing to my ear — but Dan wasn’t as bothered as I. I thought the orchestration was really nice.

I have some little whiney things to complain about, but really, I liked it. And I disagree with the reviewer who said there weren’t any “tunes”. There are. They are just new tunes, and they aren’t Puccini. I guess that didn’t work for him.

And I thought the orchestra sounded wonderful. (And Janet, I did hear you! The mink coat aria was really great!)

The audience laughed in certain places where I would want to cry. Was it discomfort, or was it that they couldn’t believe the mother would say such things to a daughter? I dunno. But I found some things sad yet they were laughing.

The end, with the rising higher strings and all was exquisite.

Call me silly … I know so many bloggers didn’t like the opera. Sometimes I think I’m just weird. I enjoy things too much maybe? But there you go. I would see and hear it again. Maybe I even will, although I have a ton of work on Friday, and that’s the final performance. (Or “show” as the lecturer said.)


  1. I’m glad you liked it and this opera speaks to someone. I really wanted to like this opera but it just didn’t happen, I was cringing most of the time during the final dress and laughing for most of the opening performance.

  2. What can I say? I just liked it. I know I’m in the minority. I’m glad you wanted to like it, though. It seems that so many people go wanting to dislike it.

    I’m not a reviewer, that’s for sure. I could never write good reviews. I just like what I like, and don’t like what I don’t like. I’m just a silly “B Oboist”. So there you go.

    I do think it needs reworking. I wonder if they will.

    I do remember playing ACT’s “Hans Christian Anderson” and I loved it and everyone else hated it. Maybe I just have bad taste?