There’s this: “Zurich train station temporarily becomes opera hall”

Which I read as this: “Zurich train station temporarily becomes opera hell”

Hah! I suppose to some it might have become that, yes?

I don’t like having music foisted upon me. I’m guessing others might not either. I like to choose when I’m going to hear something (thus my “headphones at the store” idea that simply hasn’t caught on).

But despite my misgivings I wish I had been at the train station. Mostly because that would have meant I was in Zurich. And I’ve never been there. Heck, I’ve hardly been anywhere, woulnd’t ya know? And it does sound like it would have been an event to see and hear.

The whole thing sounds like quite the production.

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  1. Grocery stores around town pipe classical music outside to frighten dangerous street people away.

    The Seattle Symphony also pipes classical music outside.

    I sense a logical disconnect.