Yes indeed, some politicians do the music thing. And some are good. And some are not. You can choose which is which, k? I’m going to stay silent on the issue. I guess they all decided to get a real job, though.

If anyone finds more of these, do let me know and I’ll post em!

Now I know I’ve seen more … there was something about a battle of the bands or some such thing between a couple of politicians. So if you know of that, fill me in.

Now off to make reeds. (Grumble!)


  1. Oh…my. That just kind of confirms everything I’ve been thinking about her.

    The Nixon thing was a surprise for me; I had no idea he would have had any musical interest.

  2. Was the third video supposed to be something else..?

    There is a musician, James Lee Stanley, who performs solo acoustic guitar stuff mostly who has covered a song by a vice president… I’m not quite sure who… Coolidge’s maybe? He always introduces it saying how interesting it is that someone in politics would write something so pretty. (it is too. whatever else it may or may not be, the song is pretty) He likes to continue by theorizing on what kind of a song Cheney might write… 😛

  3. The third video includes Condi Rice, Miriam … it’s correct. She’s in politics. 🙂

  4. Too bad there’s not a YouTube video of Harry Truman playing piano. I’ve read that he took his music very seriously. Some say he was pretty good but, of course, it’s hard to say just from word-of-mouth.

    I’ve also read that Thomas Jefferson was a good violinist. Who knows what that means?

    But Palin — jeeze! she played for TEN YEARS and sounded like that? Her teachers should be grateful they weren’t mentioned.

    Clinton played in tune and showed a real sense of melody and phrase. He would understand those 18th-century tutors who always made the analogy between “rhetoric” and musical performance.

    Another musician/politician is Huckabee. I’m not one who could’ve voted for Huckabee, but the man does have some thoughtful views on music education — and on education in general.

  5. oh. did not recognize her… heheh…