I have played on a few of these instruments, but not for a long enough time to really determine what I think. But this article includes a video (although I can’t access it at the moment) on the company.


  1. Oh, so that’s how my oboe is made! That video is pretty nifty.

  2. I was hoping he’d play one even for a couple seconds. :/ I’ve never so much as (knowingly) heard a Howarth. Not that I’ve met all too many oboists just yet… and then there’s the part where so many people here insist on only playing Lorees…

  3. I’ll watch the video once I’m done teaching … it wouldn’t work on campus. So after my next student here at home I’ll finally get to see it!

    I don’t know who plays a Howarth, Miriam … Cooper, do you know of anyone that we could hear?

  4. I LOVED the Howarth I once played and said to my oboe professor that it was even better than my Loree! (I currently have a Loree and a Yamaha) I also said that it was heinously sinful to say that anything was better than my Loree, but I had indeed said it. I’m planning on obtaining a Howarth English horn at the next IDRS conference.

  5. I play a Marigaux, Claire, so I’m not one who thinks Loree is what you have to have. I say you have to have what works for you.

  6. Gordon Hunt, Richard Woodhams, and Martin Schuring are the big names associated with Howarth at the moment. If IDRS puts up the videos from the convention, you can select any of their performances to hear them play.

    The effect of the Howarth XL is a very creamy effect on one’s sound. It gives a much rounder, more covered feeling/sound than a Loree. I playtested a bunch of XLs against some Marigauxs and felt that the XLs are more responsive to the air and the shaping of the airstream.

  7. I play on a Howarth english horn (or cor anglais, as they call it in Britain…), I bought it 15 years ago and am still very happy with it. Howarth was at that time in Sweden considered among the best when it came to cor anglais/oboe d’amore.

    Now I don’t really know, most people over here play Mönnig, Marigaux, or Dupin.

    I never liked their oboes, though – too “light” in sound for what I try to achieve, and have too little resistance for me.
    I also heard that the XL-series is very good, but haven’t tried them since I’m very happy with the oboe I have.