You wouldn’t know it but I’m very good at… playing the oboe. And subsequently, I’m quite good at playing the flute too, as the fingering is nearly the same.

-Margot Stilley

I’ve not heard of this actress. You? But really … our fingerings are nearly the same? I hadn’t heard that.

I read it here.


  1. they sure are!
    i used to play the flute and that was the convincing factor in switching to the oboe.
    but honestly, only the really basic things are the same…actually only like D natural, Eflat, Enat, Gnatural and sharp are the same.
    maybe more.
    but the actual playing part is in a whole different ballpark, and really fingering is only a little part of the whole playing i think.

  2. there are some similarities, but it’s more different than sax and flute, say. having switched from flute to oboe I think I’m qualified to answer 😉

    e.g. g, a, b, e and others are very similar. however, there are some awkward differences such as c on oboe is Bb on flute, f sharp on oboe is F on flute and so on.

  3. also, oboe embouchure =/= flute embouchure!

  4. I do remember that f/f# thing. I just didn’t remember the rest.

    It’s been a bit of time since I last played flute. I was … um … eleven. Yes indeed … just a little bit ‘o time. 😉