Try to blow an oboe, go ahead.

Potential results you’ll get, if you’re not an oboist, include the sound of your own wind, silence or an unearthly squeal. People will ask you to stop, and the muscles around your mouth will start to hurt.


I read it here.

I’m not sure “squeal” is the word I would use. Hmmm. “Squawk” maybe? But yes, the first sounds a person makes aren’t exactly lovely. And yes, mouth muscles will hurt (if you are doing things correctly), and you’ll also probably feel the reed vibrate … it “tickles” really, until you get control of the crazy thing.

Speaking of reeds: today is reed day, whether I like it or not!

(I don’t like it.)

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  1. I’m not going to say that when I first started playing there seemed to be more ducks in the neighborhood, or anything, but…