You can go to a concert and get a child for free!

I read it here, where I also read about a musician who seemingly does it all:

She did freelance work as first oboe with several orchestras which included a tour of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. She was the tuned percussion specialist with Lewisham Concert Band, first oboe with the Commonwealth Symphony Orchestra and worked as an oboe soloist, piano soloist and accompanist.

And I can barely keep my head above water dealing with oboe! Sigh.

But really … this is the best part: Children are free.



  1. So is there just sort of a bin there where you can deposit and/or grab out a child?

    Shucks, here you have to wait until they go on sale, mostly, but at least the catalogs let you know when there’s a baby sale.

  2. Heh … I don’t really know if they allow you to drop ’em off, Tim. I have a feeling it’s not a “take it or leave it” kind of offer.

    But you could always try ….