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We are just home from Die Tote Stadt. I’ll see how long I can blog right now; tomorrow is a 6:00 AM wake up time, and I do need to try to get some sleep tonight. But … well … WOW!

The opera is wonderful. Incredible music. The production was so great, and I loved it all, except for just a few minor things. I think they don’t consider the grand tier and balcony people much; I could see shadows of people walking behind the scrim at times when I don’t believe they should be seen. When the ceiling comes down for the dream (nightmare!) it makes us unable to see some things, and I know that means the balcony can see even less. But musically it was stunning. There are “shimmer moments” that are amazing. The orchestra sounded fantastic. Truly. And I thought the singers were amazing.

Audience-wise I had a few issues. When you sneeze loudly, dear audience member, please don’t feel the need to then say, just as loudly, “Excuse me.” Really. And to the woman a few seats away … were you jiggling your keys or did you really wear that much jewelry? Finally, to the couple behind me who decided that you didn’t have to listen at the beginning of act three because the orchestra was playing but there was no singing, you are quite wrong. Grumpy of me, I know. But I just had to comment. Even though no one in the audience even reads this. I guess it’s just good to shout about it for a moment!

But really … this was such a great night, and I’m glad I finally got to see and hear Die Tote Stadt. Kudos and tons of applause to the oboe & English horn section too! (Yes, I DID hear you! Really.)

Now off to sleep. 6:00 AM is too soon. (I’ll check for typos tomorrow so please forgive any for now.)

I’m looking forward to this. It’s an opera I’m entirely unfamiliar with. In a bit I’m going to listen to it as I … can you guess … work on reeds. (Yeah, I won’t be listening as carefully as I should, but reeds simply won’t wait!)

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i went for oboe lesson today. oboe lessons are fun! had fun going through the pieces with my teacher. learn new stuff again. today he was emphasizing the breathing and the body movements.

I barely slept last night. At 3:45 or so, in fact, I got up and checked email and even replied to one. When Dan’s alarm clock went off at 5:00 AM (Yes. Really. He gets up THAT early.) I was awake already. (Sorry, Dan … I just didn’t say anything in hope that I might fall asleep soon.) So when my 7:00 alarm went off I got up and checked email (being the addict and all), but I think I just might try and sleep a bit.

I haven’t had a problem with insomnia for quite a while. Once my iron levels were straightened out I’ve been pretty good, actually. So I can’t help but wonder if reed making is the cause, and if a doctor could write something out saying I shouldn’t make reeds, but should have them made for me. That just might be the ticket … right? Could I get a prescription for reeds? Gee … wouldn’t that be nice? (IF I could find someone who makes reeds I can play on, that is!)

I have had a very small headache since yesterday evening — nothing like the “baddies” I get on occasion, so I’m glad about that at least.

Hmmm. Maybe reed making also causes headaches.

I’ll bet you’re all thinking “What does she mean by maybe” … right? Reed making IS a headache.

But I plan on doing more today. Later.