I think the majority of musicians don’t like to get up in the early morning. There are, of course, the abnormal few who don’t mind, but most of the time we are up late so early morning isn’t our cuppa.

But here I am. I’m awake. But that’s not a big deal since I’m once again not sleeping! So now I don’t think I can blame it on reed making (although I worked on reeds yesterday, it wasn’t as extensive as the day before) or chocolate (had that early enough in the day it should make no diff.). Am I moving backwards into anemia land, is this just the joy of my age, or is it something else entirely? I wonder. But I guess the good news is I hopped out of bed and I’m already dressed and having my latté.

You know me … always looking on the bright side. 😉


  1. I do my most productive practicing, reedmaking, etc. in the morning. I am often up at 5 and practicing by 7. (And I’m strictly caffeine-free!)

    True that it’s not especially compatible with late-night gigs, but I still usually get the most out of the day if I’m working early and then take a nap if needed in the afternoon.

  2. I’m not strictly much of anything. I have my latté each morning, and chocolate in the afternoon if I can find it around this place. But I still like my naps, to be sure. Of course I teach every weekday afternoon so I have to get that rest in early enough.

    I don’t do anything productively; I just survive with it all. 😉