I am home from seeing my son’s girlfriend, Megan Hopp, in the play Machinal. She was the lead, and she was so darn good. I am very impressed by actors. Sometimes what I do seems less “big” … this was one of those times. Watching her on stage was something else. The play is about 2 hours long I think, and she is on stage for nearly the entire time. There is no intermission. And then I cried. The end of the play is … well … it’s painful to watch, and extremely horrible (she dies in the electric chair).

I just play oboe. Big whoop.


  1. Yeah, but you’ve made ME cry with your playing (and no smart-a$$ self-deprecating remarks here, thank you very much).

    Have a good trip up to ? Petaluma? Wish I was riding with you, it’s such a pretty day.

  2. Napa. Wish you could drive with me too. Driving alone tends to make it feel like a chore. Rats!

    And thank you, and I’ll behave for the moment. 😉 (BUT … about that DVD from a certain opera company. Sigh. My major mistake will be there. Forever! Double sigh.)