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The actor’s film music will be played by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra on Friday at the Meyerson Symphony Center. Theme songs from three of his films also will be performed, with movie clips introducing each. In addition, slides of his original artwork will be shown and a three-movement concert piece by Hopkins, The Carnival of Time, will receive its world premiere.

Yep. Anthony Hopkins.

But can he make an oboe reed? Huh? Huh?

I read it here. My favorite part is this:

“The thing is, if you take council of your fears you get nowhere,” Hopkins said. “I’ve been around some years, and I do this for my own pleasure. As with acting — I never analyze it. This is a freedom that I have and I think, go for broke. What are they going to do [if they hate it]? Put me in jail?”

One of my oboes goes to Mark Chudnow today. I’m hoping he can fix the G# arm issue. (If that’s what I’m supposed to call that thing!) I did realize that the left hand B flat/E flat key duo (they are connected) are bent, and when I use left E flat it’s bent enough to also push down the A flat key a bit. That has to be repaired for sure. So I have a nearly 200 mile round trip to make this morning. Then it’s three oboe students and a symphony rehearsal.

I’ll be very relieved when the oboe gets figured out. Meanwhile I’m on EH this week. (And I do have the other Marigaux so I’m not oboe-less.)

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An oboe player’s mom left a voice mail at the [city removed] Youth Orchestra office this morning saying her son is quitting because he is second oboe this year (he was first last year). What’s with that!?